Salient Features

Panel for Parent,Students,Staff and Institution on Android and iOS platforms

Dedicated panels for easy access to applications, options, and links.

Download Homework for students

Downloadable homework for students, uploaded by Teacher or Institution admin.

Reporting student activities to Parents

Teacher can send daily activities report of student to parents through chat and images.

Event Photos

Parents can view, save and share event photos on their mobiles.

Examination Schemes and Timetables

Students and Parents can see the examination schemes and timetable anytime and anywhere.

Syllabus of Class

No need to print syllabus for every class, Just upload a PDF for the same.

Send Messages to Students & Parents

Communication simplified by Scholarbee Messaging System, to avoid the hassle of calling each and everyone.

Share Institution Information with Parents

About Institution, Admission Process , Contact details(Map), Infrastructure, Staff Details etc.

Events and Holiday Calendar

Send Event and Holiday Calendars to Staff and Students.

About ScholarBee

It a product started in 2017, when a group of, technology-driven souls, started off with an aim to enhance in the field of technology and education, gained a fair share of experiences through hardships and hurdles brought upon them from life.

Their consistent zeal to not give up and keep striving, made them overcome obstacles which, in turn, made them stronger. They kept coming across a common and recurring issue, which was the lack of coordination between Teachers - Parents communication at any educational institution. The cumulative effect of their respective observations made them realize, that the communication medium in schools is not as efficient as it should be.

One fine day, when at a school, one of them came across a heated discussion between academic management and parents regarding the same issue of lack of effective communication. That became the triggering point for the inception of the project Scholarbee. Further strengthening the trending concept of Digital India, it is a unique Intra School Communication platform, which bridges the gaps and provides a simplified way of effortless communication between the institutes and pupil/parent.

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